National strategy or action plan

A national strategy or action plan is one of the elements to be developed by developing country Parties implementing REDD+ activities (according to paragraph 71 of decision 1/CP.16). This national strategy or action plan is highly dependent upon national circumstances.

During the development and implementation of national strategies or action plans, developing countries should address, inter alia: the drivers of deforestation and forest degradation, land tenure issues, forest governance issues, gender considerations and the REDD+ safeguards including the full and effective participation of relevant stakeholders, inter alia indigenous peoples and local communities. At the same time, the COP recognized the importance and necessity of adequate and predictable financial and technology support for developing the national strategy or action plan.

In seeking to obtain and receive results-based payments for their REDD+ results-based actions, developing countries should have a national strategy or action plan in place, in accordance with decision 9/CP.19, and a link to the national strategy or action plan should also be provided in the Lima REDD+ Information Hub.

Most relevant COP decisions: 1/CP.16, 9/CP.19