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REDD+ MRV and results-based payments

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December 2019
Costa Rica

TECHNICAL ANNEX OF THE REPUBLIC OF COSTA RICA In Accordance with The Provisions of Decision 14 / Cp.19

This Technical Annex reports the results obtained by reducing emissions from deforestation for the period 2014 and 2015.

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October 2019

REDD+ information tracking system of Chile

In order to increase the transparency of the REDD+ approach implementation in the Chilean territory. Chile implemented an interim procedure to gather information about the REDD+ activities that are being undertaken in the accountability area of the country, corresponding to the Maule, Bio-Bio, La Araucanía, Los Rios and Los Lagos regions, and including the newly created Ñuble region, considering the period between the years 2014 to 2016. To feed the information system, every two months the Monitoring Measurement System (MMS) monitors existing public registries under existing forest carbon standards (including Verified Carbon Standard, Gold Standard, Plan Vivo, Climate Action Reserve, American Carbon Registry). Any REDD+ Project found in the registries will be uploaded to the database. It will facilitate future tracking and ensure that there is no past or future double payment. The current status of this information system is publicly available at, this database is linked to the Monitoring and Measurement System (MMS). Currently, CONAF is working in the development of a transaction registry system called “Emission Reduction Registry System”. It is being developed and tested by a consortium formed by IHS Markit and Santiago Climate Exchange, in a consultancy for CONAF (Financed by the FCPF Readiness program). This Registry System is currently being tested and the expected result is to have a public platform were the transactions of emission reductions generated by Chile and by private organizations can be consulted, avoiding double payment situations and increasing transparency. After the end of the consultancy, this national alternative will be evaluated by Chile, along with other alternative registry/tracking systems provided by the interested international organizations. This decision is still pending review of the international platforms available, looking for the implementation of a national permanent registry system. This interim REDD+ information tracking system is under the management of CONAF and is meant to track the verified archived ER, and not the transactions made in the carbon market.

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