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January 2019

National Action Plan on Forests and Climate Change

The National Action Plan on Forests and Climate Change (PANByCC, for its initials in spanish) represents the general framework of action for the implementation of the REDD+ process at the national level. This Plan, built through a participatory process, has been prepared by the Secretariat of Environment and Sustainable Development through the National Directorate of Climate Change (DNCC), in conjunction with the National Forest Directorate (DNB) and with the support of the United Nations Collaborative Program for the Reduction of Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation of Forests (UN-REDD) in Argentina. The PANByCC is an instrument of public policy and an operational management tool whose objectives are to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions, reduce the vulnerability of local communities and native forests, restore native forests, reduce deforestation and degradation of native forests and strengthen their sustainable management. The Plan defines strategic axes of action, which are classified as structural and operational. The structural axes allow, through actions, to overcome the barriers and structural needs for their implementation. On the other hand, the operational axes define specific actions and are associated with a specific mitigation measure of the National Determined Contribution (NDC). The Native Forests sector plays a key role in meeting the goal included in the NDC not to exceed 483 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MtCO2eq) by 2030. The objectives of the PANByCC are in line with the national and international commitments assumed by Argentina at the United Nations Framework Convesion on Climate Change (UNFCCC), within the framework of the Paris Agreement.

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