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Wageningen Environmental Research

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Wageningen Environmental Research is one of the institutes of the National Foundation for Agricultural Research (DLO) and part of Wageningen University and Research, The Netherlands. Wageningen Environmental Research incorporates 14 specialised teams (500 staff) working in the applied research domains of forests, climate, water, soil, biodiversity, spatial planning, geo-informatics, and green economic growth. Clients are governments, private sector parties, NGOs, supra-national organizations (EU, UN), and IFIs. Wageningen Environmental Research has built an international reputation for excellence and their staff members have established a solid record of co-operating successfully in many tropical countries, including projects related to REDD and its wide range of aspects as represented in Redd@wur network. The REDD@WUR network is a world leading network that brings together about 80 researchers at Wageningen University. REDD@WUR stands for interdisciplinary knowledge to bear on cutting-edge theoretical and policy-relevant questions around REDD+.

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