REDD+ MRV and results-based payments

In order to obtain and receive results-based finance for results from the implementation of REDD+ activities, developing country Parties should have the following in place:

  • A national strategy or action plan
  • An assessed forest reference emission level and/or forest reference level
  • A national forest monitoring system
  • A system for providing information on how the safeguards are being addressed and respected
  • And the results-based actions should also be fully measured, reported and verified (MRV).

The MRV for REDD+ activities is a two-step process: first, there is a technical assessment of the proposed forest reference emission level and/or forest reference level (FREL). Second, the actual results compared to the assessed FREL are submitted in a technical annex to the biennial update report of a developing country Party seeking to obtain and receive payments for results-based actions, and these results undergo a separate technical analysis. The LULUCF experts undertaking the technical analysis check whether data and information provided in the technical annex is transparent, consistent, complete and accurate; consistent with the assessed FREL and guidelines for technical annexes with REDD+ results; and that results are accurate, to the extent possible.

In this context, the COP affirmed that the progression of developing country Parties towards results-based actions occurs in the context of the provision of adequate and predictable support for all phases of REDD+ implementation. The COP also reaffirmed that results-based finance provided to developing country Parties for the full implementation of REDD+ may come from a variety of sources, public and private, bilateral and multilateral, including alternative sources.

Entities financing REDD+, including the Green Climate Fund in a key role, are encouraged to collectively channel adequate and predictable results-based finance in a fair and balanced manner, taking into account different policy approaches, for the implementation of REDD+. Entities financing REDD+ are also encouraged to work with a view to increasing the number of countries that are in a position to obtain and receive payments for results-based actions.

Most relevant COP decisions: 9/CP.19, 12/CP.17, 13/CP.19, 14/CP.19

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