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Ecuador, Ministry of Environment

Submissions made by the Ecuador, Ministry of Environment

December 2019

2nd Safeguards Information Summary

In the last decade, Ecuador has taken important steps towards forest conservation and the reduction of greenhouse emissions establishing important objectives and goals related to environmental problems. Instruments such as the National Development Plan 2017-2021, the National Territory Plan and the Climate Change National Strategy and the REDD+ National Action Plan are just some of the policies the country is implementing to fight climate change and the effects it has into the population. The commitment towards current and future generations is clearly expressed within the previous mention policies, which have a direct impact in forest conservation, materializing the efforts of Ecuador in projects and programs such as Socio Bosque Project, The National Forest Restoration Program, Amazon Conservation and Sustainable Production Program, among others. Ecuador’s second summary of information has been developed to guide readers on how the country is implementing REDD+ actions aligned with the Cancun Safeguards making sure that environmental and social considerations are understood, approached and respected by the programs and projects implementing teams. Also, the report includes an update on how the country has taken into consideration the recommendations made in the previous summary of information, as well as elaborating new recommendations based on the information gathered during the research and consultation phase with different stakeholders.

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