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Greenoxx Global Environmental Program

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Greenoxx NGO is a non-governmental organization dedicated to combat Climate Change, an integrant of the Ammado Foundation based in Dublin, Ireland formed by more than 1800 nonprofits worldwide; and a member of the GEF CSO Network dedicated to safeguard the global environment and promote sustainable development.

Greenoxx Global Environmental Program is specially designed for companies, industries, institutions, non-governmental organizations and governments that intend to mitigate climate change through Avoided Deforestation Projects (REDD Projects).

Greenoxx NGO has collaborated with McKinsey & Co, the Clinton Climate Initiative, the Amazon Conservation and Sustainable Development Institute, The Nature Conservancy, Conservation International, the Woods Hole Research Center, the Forest Stewardship Council and the Ecosystem Marketplace among others.

Greenoxx NGO has currently established a partnership with the French NGO Plan├Ęte Urgence to support the indigenous communities of the Amazon rainforest.

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