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REDD-plus national entity / focal point on the coordination of support

Ministry of Environment
H.E. Dr. Paris Choup
phone: (+855) 17 31 33 66
fax: (+855) 23 21 25 40

Reporting to the UNFCCC

Submissions provided by Cambodia

August 2018

Cambodia Forest Cover 2016

The primary purpose of this booklet is to provide specific information on the forest cover 2016 of Cambodia, which can be used as a reference in developing plans, formulation of environmental policy, National Protected Area Strategic Management Plan and conservation forest resource, and to provide key activity data for implementation of REDD+ in Cambodia. Information and data represented in this booklet follow the most recent IPCC’s guidelines on transparency, completeness, consistency and accuracy. This data and information is also an additional source to the 2006-2016 forest cover change dataset of PA system, which was published last August 2017.

English PDF 3.06 MB

August 2018

National Protected Area Strategic Management Plan 2017-2031

The National Protected Area Strategic Management Plan (NPASMP) reflects the country’s political will and firm commitment to safeguard a network of protected areas that contributes to the country’s economy and sustainable development, including poverty reduction, through the conservation and sustainable use of its biological, natural and cultural resources and other ecosystem services. The NPASMP will guide the Ministry of Environment and assist non-governmental organizations and development partners in developing concrete and appropriate measures and actions to strengthen the effectiveness of protected areas in contributing to the National Strategic Development Plan, the National Strategic Plan on Green Growth, the Cambodia Climate Change Strategic Plan, the National REDD+ Strategy and the National Environmental Strategy and Action Plan.

English PDF 1.43 MB

August 2018

Cambodia National Forest Monitoring System

Cambodia developed a national forest monitoring system (NFMS) for the purpose of implementing REDD+ activities and also for ordinary forest management based on existing mechanisms and tools. This draft document describes the design of the NFMS which will be constructed in a phased approach.

English PDF 1.31 MB