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August 2015

Technical considerations for Forest Reference Emission Level and/or Forest Reference Level construction for REDD+ under the UNFCCC

The aim of this document is to support countries seeking to develop a REDD+ Forest Reference Emission Level and/or Forest Reference Level (FREL/FRL) under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The document provides a structural overview of UNFCCC decisions related to FREL/FRLs, summarizing the guidance provided through these decisions and translating it into elements countries need to consider in a FREL/FRL submission to the UNFCCC.

English PDF 2.99 MB

August 2015

Considérations techniques relatives à l’établissement de niveaux d’émissions de référence pour les forêts et/ou niveaux de référence pour les forêts dans le contexte de la REDD+ au titre de la CCNUCC

French PDF 3.74 MB

August 2015

Consideraciones técnicas para la elaboración de Niveles de referencia de emisiones forestales/Niveles de referencia forestales en el marco de la CMNUCC

Spanish PDF 2.99 MB

November 2014

Emerging approaches to Forest Reference Emission Levels and/or Forest Reference Levels for REDD+

This publication summarizes Forest Reference Level construction approaches developed by Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, the DRC, Ghana, Guyana, Mexico, Nepal, the RoC and Vietnam; the publication hopes other countries can learn from and get inspired by these pilots in FRL development. The FRLs in the publication are developed for demonstration activities but the Annex to the document also reports on UNFCCC submissions (Publication is intended to be updated with future submissions).

English PDF 4.77 MB

January 2013

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