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REDD-plus national entity / focal point on the coordination of support

Ministry of Environment
Ms. Rosa Morales Saravia
Director-General of Climate Change, Desertification and Water Resources
phone: (+511) 611 6000 ext. 1354

Reporting to the UNFCCC

Date (Year) Assessed forest reference level Links to additional documentation

77,570,486 t CO2 eq/year for 2015
80,797,169 t CO2 eq/year for 2016
84,023,853 t CO2 eq/year for 2017
87,250,536 t CO2 eq/year for 2018
90,477,220 t CO2 eq/year for 2019
93,703,903 t CO2 eq/year for 2020


Submission on proposed reference level (4 January 2016) - English

Submission on proposed reference level (4 January 2016) - Spanish

Modified submission on proposed reference level (13 June 2016)